Condominium Management

INTEGRA specializes in providing full service management for Condominium & Homeowner Associations.

We serve condominium associations based on the principle of stewardship.

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Condominium Management with Better Results

Effective condominium management results in better quality, better value, and fewer headaches for board members. INTEGRA delivers results. Real property management involves more than making phone calls when something goes wrong. Our company serves condominium associations with a more traditional management approach — using the tools of professional management (planning, organizing, etc.), to deliver improved quality and efficiency.

Setting the Standard for Excellence!


Integra Property Management has been working with condominium and homeowner associations just like yours in the community Whatcom county. We and our vendors are available to assist you 24/7.


We deliver a complete condominium management program to enhance long term value, predictability, fairness, consistency, and quality. This is the opposite of “penny wise and pound foolish.” We take care of the day to day details and help condominium association boards keep their focus on the big picture


Our condo management approach respects the homeowners’ investment in their property, and the valuable time of board members providing volunteer service.