Management Services

Condominium management serves condominium associations based on the principle of stewardship.

Condominium Management Based on Stewardship

INTEGRA Condominium management serves condominium associations based on the principle of stewardship.  Stewardship is an old concept that refers to taking care of someone else’s property as if it were your own.  Condominium board members can take comfort in knowing that someone is looking out for their property in a manner that reflects their values.

At INTEGRA, we refer to our role as stewards. This means that since we are entrusted with the property and goodwill of the condominium associations we manage, our job is to manage in the way we would want it managed if the property belonged to us. We believe that this distinguishes us in the industry.

Stewardship does not mean that our company makes policy, or major capital spending decisions without a resolution from the board. Stewardship is based on long-term accountability. Like other companies, INTEGRA provides monthly reports for the association. But stewardship requires long-term performance, with results measured over years — not just months. We seek to provide value for today and tomorrow.

With our stewardship approach we deliver better quality and better value for homeowners, with fewer headaches for board members. And when the board entrusts the day to day management to us, the board has more time to focus on the strategic policies, priorities, and a direction for the association.

Professional Management

Before a condominium association board entrusts us with the stewardship of the day-to-day management of an association with property values often well into the millions of dollars, we want the board to know that their decision is based on well-placed trust. The trust is based on our reputation, knowledge and application of traditional management disciplines (planning, organizing, staffing, directing & controlling), and technical knowledge of and experience with the building trades / project management / facility management / grounds management /and contracting. Good management is both effective and efficient. Thus we deliver both quality and value.

Is property management an affordable solution?

Just think about the costs involved in managing your Association, commercial or residential property on your own. They could be phenomenally high. There is the expense of hiring staff, accountants to take care of bookkeeping, and the additional hassles of finding plumbers, electricians, and painters. INTEGRA can manage all of these aspects for your property efficiently and at a much lower cost.

Successful management of an Association relies heavily on accurate, prompt and thorough accounting methods.  Our fully computerized accounting system provides immediate access to financial information for the Association and the individual member.  Ability to provide the information necessary to comply with budgetary & non-budgetary expenses.

  • Account Payables
  • Account Receivables
  • Financial Statements
  • Cash Statement
  • Budgeting
  • Issue Dues & Special Assessment Invoices/Coupons
  • Outstanding Dues & Special Assessment Collections
  • Collect and deposit laundry income
  • Complete Payroll for employees of association
  • Assist Auditor with annual audit
  • Tax returns
  • Maintain documentation and correspondence
  • Prepare Resale Certificates, Bank & Title Company forms for all sales
  • Meeting Preparation
  • Prepare routine correspondence
  • Attend Board & Membership Meetings
  • 1st point of contact for owners
  • Assist Board in development and enforcement of adopted Association Rules & Regulations; and, Collection Policies
  • Assist with transition of new Board Members
  • Assist with compilation of data for Association required Reserve Study Updates
  • Assist with regular inspections of exterior & interior common
    and limited common areas
  • Assist Board with coordination of routine maintenance items for facility
  • Arrange & coordinate bids for larger repair and/or capital projects
  • Insurance Administration